I Can Crawl!

August 18, 2009

Last week when Mommy was in NY, Daddy was the first to see me really crawl! I have been working on it for weeks (rocking, moving my hands forward, etc.), but this time I really did it…at 7 month old!

Check out my video!


Tall & Thin…Every Girl’s Dream!

August 18, 2009

Well, today I had my 6-month check up. Yes, I know, I am nearly 7 1/2 months old, but we just couldn’t get me in sooner. Everything went really well…and surprise, I am tall and thin! I measured 28 inches and ~19 lbs. That’s like 95%+ for height and ~79% for weight. So, while everyone always says, “Wow, she is big!”…I am really just tall.

Doctor says I look perfect. I wonder if he ever says, “Your child looks terrible.” I mean, come on. But, for what it is worth, he says I am growing and healthy.

PS: On a side note: today, I finger painted for the first time! Mommy and daddy will get to bring home my dried artwork tomorrow.

Trucks, Tractors, and Wagons…Oh My!

August 7, 2009

So, you know mommy couldn’ resist pulling on her coveralls (yes, she has her very own pair now…courtesy of Grandma Johnson) and toting me off to the Johnson family farm for some pictures. Daddy had to help Grandpa change a tire (a really big tire) on a tractor, so we all went along to “help”. Check out all the adorable pictures!

How Many Johnsons Are There?

August 7, 2009

Well…it has been a week since my first trip to Canada! I had a blast in Canada…it was quite the whirlwind. I was on parade the whole time, but I got to meet so many relatives (some bulleted here for effect):

  • Uncle Colin and Uncle Kurtis
  • Great-Grandpa Johnson
  • Great-Grandpa and -Grandma Affleck
  • Great Aunts Maxine, Jackie, Carol, Carol (there are two!), Jan, Elaine, Verna
  • Great Uncles Carl, Lyle, Ross, Don, Roland
  • Tons of cousins (more than my toes and fingers)
  • Some of Daddy’s friends
  • And most of Grandpa and Grandma friends from town, including the mayor!
  • And…others. Hey, I can’t remember them all…I am just a baby!

Everyone was so nice and I didn’t “make strange” once (that is what they call being scared in the arms of someone new). I even got some more baby gifts! Here are a few pictures.

Don’t worry…tractor picture ARE coming!

4th of July Wrap-Up

July 18, 2009

So…(of course, b/c I am so behind at my blog)…I haven’t told you about our Fourth of July trip to Linville.

Grandma and grandpa Caldwell and Uncle Brian and Kristy spent the long weekend with us in Linville, NC. We hung out mostly and went to Boone for lunch and then went to Hayden’s Extravaganza! Check out a few of the pics from the weekend: see below for mine or visit Kristy’s on Facebook.

We had a really fun time and the weather was awesome (cool). The only bad thing was that the lake was drained (mommy says they are doing construction on the dam – I don’t even know what that is!). So, mommy and daddy weren’t able to take me down to the water…but we did go for walks and play with Fulton.

Cancelled Flight…Makes for a Sad Little Girl

July 18, 2009

Well, we were supposed to be on a flight today to Sask… but when we arrived at the airport, we learned the flight had been cancelled. I was SO excited and now I am sad.

Also, I am not feeling well. Yesterday, I had a little fever and today I am slow to play and have a very ‘dirty nose’. Mommy and daddy took me to see the doctor this morning just to make sure that my ears and lungs are ok…they are.

We’ll try again tomorrow at 6:28 a.m. I want to see my grandma and meet my uncle Colin…and see everyone else!

All I Want…Is My Two Front Teeth!

June 22, 2009

I can’t believe I forgot to mention…I got my first teeth!!! The very day we flew to Denver, I got my first two bottom (middle) teeth! And I was only 4 1/2-months-old at the time! What can I do with teeth? Not sure, but since then, mommy and daddy have been feeding me rice cereal and they seem a little less interested in letting me chew on their fingers! Check me out! I am SUCH a BIG girl!!!

Going to the Chapel…Well, Gardens.

June 22, 2009

Before June is over, I should tell you: the last week of May, I took my first flight and attended a wedding!!! Mommy and daddy took me to Denver, CO for mommy’s BFF’s (Erika) wedding. We took a flight thru Texas and then onto Denver. It was my first airplane ride…and they didn’t even get me wings! Oh well. I did great on the trip. Mommy was a very organized packer and we were all prepared, but the trip still had some surprises:

  • At security, mommy had to get her milk tested for chemical explosives (don’t worry – she was clean)
  • On one flight, mommy pumped right in her seat, but no one noticed
  • Mommy and daddy learned how to change a diaper on their laps
  • You know, stuff like that…:)!

In Denver, we enjoyed good weather and food…and great company! Daddy took care of me most of the time, because mommy was a bridesmaid. The wedding was at the Botanical Gardens. The flowers were gorgeous and I looked so pretty in all my little dresses, but not enough to steal the show from the bride. I even threw up at the rehearsal dinner and no one noticed me! At the wedding, Erika hired a baby-sitter and I got to play with her while mommy and daddy danced the night away. Check out some of the pics!

Jesus Loves Me…Yes, He Does…

June 12, 2009

Forget the fact that I haven’t blogged in just over a month…you are about to quickly be distracted by the fabulous things that I have been up to! 

On Mother’s Day (May 10th), I was Christened in downtown Charleston at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church (where mommy and daddy got married in 2006)! I wore all white (a cute little smocked number) and was very well-behaved. Hayes Whitfield (you may remember him as the son of mommy’s friend Heather) was there too…I think we are destined (in Holy water) for one another now. Maybe we’ll be married in the same church! Hey, a girl is never too young to start prospecting (don’t tell Daddy!).

Grandma Johnson and CiCi and PaPa (Caldwell) were all there…and Uncle Brian and Kristy. And all the Stettens too. It was also College of Charleston’s graduation weekend,  so they were all in town to see Skylar graduate.

I had a great day! After the ceremonies, we all went back to my house and had a little brunch and fellowship. I was the star of course!

The Doctor Wants to See You with Your Pants Off

May 6, 2009

Today I went to the doctor’s office again. This time for my 4-month check up. I was such a good girl! I was awake and playful and laughed and smiled. Everyone loved me of course! They commented that I am growing nicely (but I knew that), that I have good muscle tone (mom was jealous!), and that I am very communicative. The only thing we have to watch is that I have a little bit of a mis-shapen head and that I have a bit of a head tilt (mommy will have to do neck stretches with me). But, the doctor is not worried and said that 99% of the time babies’ heads ’round out’ by 9 months of age.

I also got more shots today…and surprisingly, they weren’ that bad! I cried a little and then stopped the instant mommy picked me up. I am now asleep. I know, you are thinking, “How can she be writing her blog and sleeping at the same time?” It’s my little secret.

Check out my stats at 16.5 weeks old (almost 4 months):

  • Length = 27 inches (above percentile 95)
  • Weight = 15 lbs 3 oz (between percentile 50 and 75)
  • Head Circumference = 16.5 inches (between percentile 50 and 75)

Check your percentiles online.